Phase of Learning 2: Year 5-6

Further information and resource material is grouped under the Themes of Te Atua God, Te Rongopai Good News, Ā Tātou Whakapapa Our Story, and Kia Noho Hāhi Being Church.

The Touchstone focus is Oho Ake Inspired

  • God’s grace is evident in the lives of good people, especially Mary, and in the work of the Holy Spirit.
  • Saints living and dead are holy people who inspire others to grow in holiness.
  • Jesus, Mary and all the Saints reveal the wisdom of God, and show us how to live good lives.
  • God’s justice inspires others and us all to protect and transform the world.
  • The actions and words of others can teach us how to pray in our own actions and words.
AO9: Identify and acknowledge that we are inspired on our spiritual journey by adults and children — often unexpectedly — and how to use the arts to celebrate
a Saint who has been inspirational to our school community.