Site Policy – Kaupapa


To foster the ongoing support and development of teachers, young people, and whānau in teaching and learning Tō Tātou Whakapono Our Faith, the New Zealand Catholic Bishops’ (NZCBC) Religious Education curriculum, in Catholic Primary and Secondary Schools in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Guiding principals

  • This site will provide a single portal to information and resources supporting Tō Tātou Whakapono Our Faith.
  • This site will authentically reflect the beliefs and traditions of the Catholic faith, guided by the Bishops of New Zealand.
  • This site will support the Catholic special character of Catholic schools.
  • This site will facilitate information and resource sharing while respecting copyright considerations.
  • This site will be accessible, up to date and relevant in meeting the needs of its users, seeking feedback and responding to changing requirements.

Policy to implement the guiding principles

  • The National Centre for Religious Studies (NCRS) as an agency of Te Kupenga – Catholic Leadership Institute is mandated by NZCBC to develop and resource the Religious Education curriculum for Aotearoa Catholic schools.
  • NCRS reports monthly to the Te Kupenga Board, who report to NZCBC.
  • Resources quality is supported by processes including:
    • internal checking within the NCRS team.
    • theological input from Te Kupenga – Catholic Theological College.
    • ongoing feedback from diocesan Religious Education Advisors.
    • ongoing feedback from Principals, Directors of Religious Studies and teachers in schools.
  • NCRS ensures that:
    • material reflects the teaching of the Catholic Church.
    • site content provides relevant, accurate and reliable resources to meet Catholic special character needs for Catholic primary and secondary schools.
    • all legal obligations such as copyright are met.
    • up to date resources are developed to support Tō Tātou Whakapono Our Faith.
    • the site functions effectively.