Online Prayer Resources

The following resources include resources for use in liturgy and prayer.

  • National Liturgy Office (NLO) of the Catholic Church in Aotearoa New Zealand. The National Liturgy Office is an agency of the New Zealand Catholic Bishops’ Conference.
  • Online Ministries contains a rich collection of online prayer resources. These include reflections on the reading for each day, a weekly guide to daily prayer and more.
  • Diocese of Wollongong Resources: Variety of well resources including daily reading, group prayer, weekly reflection and more.
To be in relationship means to spend time with the person we are relating to, including God.

  • Today is my Gift to You: Daily reflection accompanied by a photo, also has a great archive.
  • Sacred Space: Irish Jesuit prayer site worth exploring.
  • Pray-as-you-go: Daily prayer with music and reflection. A Jesuit media initiative. Available on various devices.
  • Amen App (free): Free daily Catholic scripture (audio) reading, prayers and meditations.
  • Reimagining Examen App (free): Choose various examen types, perfect for individual or group use.
  • Hallow App (paid): Daily prayers, Christian meditation, sleep Bible stories, Rosary, Examen and more.
  • De La Salle brothers: A large number of links to other on-line prayer sites.
  • Christian Art: Grow closer to God through the beauty of Art and the Gospel (daily reflections and great archive).

This section contains ideas for assemblies, liturgies or the start of RE classes.

  • This inspirational story shows that when things go wrong, with support we can make it through.
  • Taize prayer is a popular prayer form.  The melodys of these meditative chants are easily learnt. Ubi Caritas is one of the most popular of these chants. The words mean where love is found is found.  Traditionally the words were used in the Maundy Thursday liturgy during the washing of the feet.  Another popular chant is Bless the Lord my Soul.
  • This reflective music video contains images of New Zealand scenery.  The Irish Blessing was performed by Con Anima of St Patrick’s College, Kilbirnie and the Seraphim Choir of Chilton Saint James School, Lower Hutt.
  • The Lord’s My Shepherd is one of the most popular psalms.  This is a contemporary version with lovely visuals.
  • God loves us so much and tells us so through Scripture.