Phase of Learning 1-2: Year 3-4

Further information and resource material is grouped under the Themes of Te Atua God, Te Rongopai Good News, Ā Tātou Whakapapa Our Story, and Kia Noho Hāhi Being Church.

The Touchstone focus is Aroha mai, Aroha atu Loved

  • God’s grace is love, and is seen and experienced in the Sacraments and the fruit of the Holy Spirit.
  • God’s love is holy and God calls all people to share this love with others to grow in holiness.
  • The Church loves us and wants us to know we are loved by God, and to love God, ourselves and one another.
  • We treat each other and the earth with justice, to share our love and experience forgiveness, mercy and healing.
  • We can give thanks for the love in our lives and pray for those we love.

AO9: Increase our understanding of how growing in love helps us to live a Christian life and build strong and joyful relationships with God and people AND participate in the special character of our school by demonstrating the fruits of the spirit in our everyday interactions in our classroom and in our school.