PL 5-3: Te Atua God (Year 13)

Overview: Achievement Objectives

There are a range of Ngā Whāinga Paetae Achievement Objectives (AOs) which are the essential areas of knowledge, and each AO must be covered over all the phases of learning. Teachers may choose how to group these, including making choices regarding effective integration into the wider school curriculum.

Ngā Kaupapa
Content Area
Phase of Learning: 5-3
Theme: Te Atua God
Touchstone: Tono Sent
Content Area Title 
Focus Question
Jesus: Real and Radical
Why does Jesus matter?
Content Area Aims
• Develop an understanding of the issues and context concerning the historical Jesus.
• Deepen understanding of the key teachings and theology of the Church concerning Jesus and consider his place in our lives.
General to Content Area Young people will:
AO1 Identify and interpret the evidence of Jesus as an historical figure and explore aspects of the context of his times.
AO2 Outline the presentation and development of the Church’s beliefs and teachings about Jesus
AO3 Optional.
Mana Tapu
AO4 Examine the significance of Jesus’ passion, death and resurrection and consider how Jesus as Saviour brings forgiveness, healing and hope to creation.
Aroha Pūmau
AO5 Reflect on the significance of Jesus’ presence in the Church, especially in the sacrament of the Eucharist.
AO6 Explore contemporary Catholic reflections on who Jesus is and what he came to do.
AO7 Consider the life and teachings of Jesus as a radical, countercultural leader.
AO8 Create and/or organise a liturgy on the Crucifixion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus e.g. Stations of the Cross, Easter liturgies.
School Level AO
Te Kōhatu:

Tono – Sent
AO9 Understand that we are sent to make a positive difference in our world; that our Catholic worldview supports us to build a culture of aroha, respect and service, based on the teachings of Jesus.