PL 5-2: Kia Noho Hāhi Being Church (Year 12)

Overview: Achievement Objectives

There are a range of Ngā Whāinga Paetae Achievement Objectives (AOs) which are the essential areas of knowledge, and each AO must be covered over all the phases of learning. Teachers may choose how to group these, including making choices regarding effective integration into the wider school curriculum.

Ngā Kaupapa
Content Area
Phase of Learning: 5-2
Theme: Kia Noho Hāhi Being Church
Touchstone: He Wero Challenged
Content Area Title 
Focus Question
Just Love
How do Catholics contribute to society?
Content Area Aims
• Develop an understanding of the Catholic principles, grounded in Scripture and Tradition, which guide the Church’s teaching on issues of justice and peace.
• Explore the Church’s teachings on current justice and peace issues, and how Catholic Social Teaching can lead to personal and communal action which improves society for all.
General to Content Area Young people will:
AO1 Identify and explain the 9 key principles of Catholic Social Teaching (Human Dignity, Solidarity, Common Good, Subsidiarity, Stewardship, Participation, Option for the Poor, Distributive Justice, Promotion of Peace).
AO2 Compare and contrast the principles of Catholic Social teaching with the United Nations’ Declaration of Human Rights.
AO3 Optional.
Mana Tapu
AO4 Examine how personal belief in God motivates social justice action.
Aroha Pūmau
AO5 Identify ways in which people can, and do, build justice and peace by living out the Catholic Social Teaching principles.
AO6 Recognise the sources of the Church’s teaching on justice in Scripture and in the developing Catholic tradition.
AO7 Develop an understanding of the Christian vision of justice and explore contemporary issues of justice and peace and the Church’s response to them.
AO8 Understand the importance and practice of intercessory prayer.
School Level AO
Te Kōhatu:

He Wero – Challenged
AO9 Understand that we are challenged to live lives of courage, integrity and justice even when this might cause personal inconvenience and sacrifice.