PL 5-1: Te Rongopai Good News (Year 11)

Overview: Achievement Objectives

There are a range of Ngā Whāinga Paetae Achievement Objectives (AOs) which are the essential areas of knowledge, and each AO must be covered over all the phases of learning. Teachers may choose how to group these, including making choices regarding effective integration into the wider school curriculum.

Ngā Kaupapa
Content Area
Phase of Learning: 5-1
Theme: Te Rongopai Good News
Touchstone: Whakawhirinaki Trusted
Content Area Title 
Focus Question
The Gospels
How do we know about Jesus?
Content Area Aims
• Understand the context, purpose and structure of the four Gospels.
• Develop an understanding of Jesus by exploring in detail one Gospel’s approach and message about Jesus and what it means to be Christian
General to Content Area Young people will:
AO1 Identify the contexts and distinctive features of each of the four Gospel portraits and understand the reasons for their differing emphases.
AO2 Examine one Gospel narrative in detail exploring its literary forms, themes and characteristics and how it informs us of what it means to be a Christian today.
AO3 Optional
Mana Tapu
AO4 Understand the context and
processes which over time led to the formation of the Gospels.
Aroha Pūmau
AO5 Recognise that the Gospels are God’s communication of Godself to us and recognise that the Bible is both the inspired Word of God and the work of human authors.
AO6 Understand the process of reading the Bible, what we bring to it, how meaning changes for us and explain what the Church teaches about reading the Bible.
AO7 Understand that the Scriptures present different types of truth that are expressed in various literary forms.
AO8 Experience Ignatian contemplative prayer. (Ata whakaāro te momo īnoi nei.)
School Level AO
Te Kōhatu:

Whakawhirinaki – Trusted
AO9 Recognise the taonga of being a person of integrity, what happens when we lose integrity, and what we can do to repair it.