PL 5-1: Te Atua God (Year 11)

Overview: Achievement Objectives

There are a range of Ngā Whāinga Paetae Achievement Objectives (AOs) which are the essential areas of knowledge, and each AO must be covered over all the phases of learning. Teachers may choose how to group these, including making choices regarding effective integration into the wider school curriculum.

Ngā Kaupapa
Content Area
Phase of Learning: 5-1
Theme: Te Atua God
Touchstone: Whakawhirinaki Trusted
Content Area Title 
Focus Question
Beliefs and Believing
What do people believe about God?
Content Area Aims
• Explore the key Catholic beliefs about God, particularly as expressed in the Apostles’ Creed, and how Catholics live those beliefs.
• Explore how others view God and live those beliefs.
General to Content Area Young people will:
AO1 Examine the beliefs of Catholics through the summary of the Nicene or the Apostles Creed and explore how these beliefs are lived out in Catholic ritual and daily life.
AO2 Identify and investigate the beliefs of one other major religion or belief system and explore how these beliefs are lived out in ritual and daily life.
AO3 Optional.
Mana Tapu
AO4 Compare the understanding of how the divine reaches out to humanity in Catholicism and another religion.
Aroha Pūmau
AO5 Examine the lives of inspiring people who have influenced the development or direction of Catholicism and another religious tradition.
AO6 Describe how sacred texts are used in rituals and worship in Catholicism and another religious tradition.
AO7 Develop an understanding of the Catholic Church’s attitude and response to other religions and explore practical ways that we can show respect to the Catholic faith and others.
AO8 Compare ways of praying in Catholicism and another religion.
School Level AO
Te Kōhatu:

Whakawhirinaki – Trusted
AO9 Recognise the taonga of being a person of integrity, what happens when we lose integrity, and what we can do to repair it.