PL 2: Ā Tātou Whakapapa Our Story (Year 5-6)

Overview: Achievement Objectives

There are a range of Ngā Whāinga Paetae Achievement Objectives (AOs) which are the essential areas of knowledge, and each AO must be covered over all the phases of learning. Teachers may choose how to group these, including making choices regarding effective integration into the wider school curriculum.

Ngā Kaupapa
Content Area
Phase of Learning: 2
Theme: Ā Tātou Whakapapa Our Story
Touchstone: Oho Ake Inspired
Content Area Title 
Focus Question
Our School, Our Place
Where am I?
Content Area Aims
• Understand that I am part of a school that has a special history and charisms grounded in the person of Christ.
• Explore how I am part of a community in a particular place that has its own people with special gifts, culture, knowledge and wisdom.
General to Content Area Young people will:
AO1 Investigate the local history of our school and parish/es and grow in understanding that we are part of our Aotearoa New Zealand Catholic story.
AO2 Recognise that each person’s identity is shaped by cultural and spiritual values and traditions passed on through a unique network of whānau, school, parish and community relationships, and explain some examples of this.
AO3 Inquire into key features of the life of our parish and diocese and explore ways that we can be an active part of it.
Mana Tapu
AO4 Identify examples that illustrate the ways our Catholic community is an inclusive community which celebrates the variety of cultures, traditions and gifts of all who are part of it.
Aroha Pūmau
AO5 Grow in understanding of the influence and charism of people or religious orders who founded the school and/or parish, and recognise how their belief in Jesus influenced their lives and work.
AO6 Grow in understanding of the reasons that motivate people to share their Catholic faith with others, and identify how people share their faith today.
AO7 Explore how the charism of our school helps us to become aware of, and respond to, issues of justice today.
AO8 Learn some prayers, songs and rituals in the languages used in our diocese or parish and create a liturgy commemorating the people who established our school and the first Catholic communities. (Korero mai!)
School Level AO
Te Kōhatu:

Oho Ake – Inspired
AO9 Identify and acknowledge that we are inspired on our spiritual journey by adults and children — often unexpectedly — and how to use the arts to celebrate a Saint who has been inspirational to our school community.